33mail FAQ

How do I create an Alias?

Aliases are created automatically the first time an email is sent to them, so you can just make up an alias on the spot and use it when you sign up for a website, and it will be created the first time that website sends an email to it.

Can I change my username?

Yes, but you can only do it once. Go to the account info page here to make the change.

Can I use my own domain with 33mail?

33mail premium lets you use your own domain instead of myusername.33mail.com. So if you own the domain yowzers.com you can point the MX record to 33mail.com and create aliases from that domain. Go to the account info page to set it up.

How do I set up my custom domain?

There is a Namescheap article here and a Godaddy article here regarding setting up a DNS MX record for your domain.

Namecheap : In the mail settings section select Custom MX and enter the details below
Godaddy: Just follow the instructions in the article and enter the details below

Host: @
Value / Points to : domains.33mail.com
Priority: 10
TTL: 3600 (or Automatic if available)

Then log in to your 33mail dashboard here : http://www.33mail.com/dashboard/account_info and enter your domain in the custom domain section.

Once the DNS changes propagate (could take an hour or so) your aliases should work with your domain.

What happens if 33Mail is shut down or sold?

33Mail was founded in 2010 and has been profitable from our very earliest days. Our first users were our friends and family and so we're surrounded by people who rely on 33Mail, ourselves included. 33Mail isn't going anywhere.

How may aliases can I create?

You can create as many aliases as you like. We do have rate limiting in place though so you can only create 5 per 30 minute period if you have a lite account, 20 for premium users and 50 for pro users.

How is my bandwidth limit calculated?

The bandwidth limit is calculated based on a 30-day rolling window. Blocked aliases will not result in bandwidth usage as we do not accept the email.

What happens if I go over my bandwidth limit?

We will send you a warning if you go over your limit. Don't worry, we will only consider dropping emails as a last resort.

Do I get credit for my remaining premium subscription if I upgrade to Pro?

Yes, we will refund your premium subscription pro rata if you upgrade to Pro. Contact us if there is any delay in this refund being processed.

At least two people have signed up using my referral link, why has my account not been upgraded yet?

Unfortunately we have had a problem with people trying to cheat our referral system by signing up with fake accounts. It is therefore necessary for us to verify that referrals are real users, and this can take a little time. Once we have verified that your referrals are real users of 33Mail we will upgrade your account.

I have a website, what if I don't want my users to sign up with 33Mail?

Then you're nuts :) Since 33Mail only forwards emails that people actually want, we get excellent deliverability to their inbox, and our users will generally pay more attention to 33Mail-forwarded emails (our "open rates" are excellent). The only exception is if you plan on sending them emails they don't want, in which case you're out of luck!

Can mails forwarded via 33mail have attachments?

Yes, the size limit for attachments is 10M and will count towards your monthly bandwidth limit.

Can I reply to emails forwarded to me via 33mail

Yes, if you have anonymous reply activated in your 33mail settings, you can just reply directly to mails received via 33mail and the reply will be routed through our servers, removing any header information relating to your actual email address. You should ensure that the body of the mail does not contain any information that you do not want sent in the reply, i.e. 33mail unsubscribe tags or any references to your real email address which may be added by your mail client. You should notice that the email address that you reply to will be of the form [token]@reply.33mail.com.

Is there a simple way for me to confirm that 33mail is working correctly?

Yes, you can send an email to an alias from any email address that is not your forwarding address. You can also use a service such as ismyemailworking.com

Emails do not appear to be getting forwarded to my email account. Is there anything I can do?

Some mail providers will on occasion block mails without telling you and not even put them in the spam folder. To prevent this can add sender@mailer1.33mail.com to your email contacts and/or create a filter that will ensure that mails from this sender are never sent to the spam folder.

I dont see an answer to my question here. How do I contact you?

Contact details are here.