About 33Mail

33Mail forwarded its first email in August 2010. Over 10 years later we're handling over 4 million emails per month. Yep, we've been around a while, not just a "here today, gone tomorrow" startup.

33Mail was conceived by brothers Ian and Andrew Clarke, we were increasingly frustrated by the amount of unwanted email we were receiving. Not just spam, but email from websites that required our email address to sign up and were now abusing that trust.

We've continued to work to improve 33Mail since then, adding features like anonymous replies, and our 33Mail Pro user level with even higher bandwidth limits.

We are 33Mail's oldest users, and its biggest fans. Even if it weren't making a penny, we'd continue to invest in and support the service, because we love it so much, and it's fun!

We'd love to get some user testimonials for the site, so if you are a user and fan of 33Mail, please email us at support@33mail.com and let us know!

If you are looking for a simple secure and fast email forwarding service for your business, we have just released a sister service for 33mail, EmailEngine.io which provides a simple fast and secure way to forward email for your domain. Please check it out and send us feedback.